UK General Election Coverage

AP 360 provides access to key locations and dependable transmission which are paramount for broadcasters covering the high-stakes poll.

July 4, 2024

Capture the pivotal UK election from essential London locations

The United Kingdom’s first national election in five years is shaping up as a battle for the country’s soul, with some saying it poses an existential threat to the governing Conservative Party. Opinion polls indicate that Keir Starmer’s opposition Labour Party is on course to defeat Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives, with populist firebrand Nigel Farage’s return to frontline politics denting Tory hopes of retaining power after 14 years in office. British voters will decide on July 4.

AP 360 offers live reporting solutions in central London that will help you cover the election with ease.

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Downing Street

  • Live positions
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Valid press card essential
  • Operational July 3-5, 2024

Houses of Parliament

  • Live positions
  • Connectivity solutions
  • Managed access to location
  • Operational July 3-5, 2024

Polling station

  • Live position
  • Central London location
  • No accreditation required
  • Operational July 4, 2024

Broadcast live from the heart of British politics

It is expected that the leader of the winning political party will come to Downing Street on July 5 to deliver a victory speech to the nation from outside the door of Number 10.

The street is a notoriously challenging location from which to broadcast live during major British political events. Narrow and with limited 4G/5G cellular coverage, the area outside the prime minister’s residence is often overcrowded with media outlets all vying for a view of the famous black door.

AP 360 has fixed connectivity in Downing Street, meaning the news outlets we support can rest easy when it comes to transmission. And we are guaranteed a spot for our ad hoc live reporting positions, meaning you benefit from an unimpeded location backdrop for your international news reports.


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Custom live shots

AP International Affiliate Correspondent Philip Crowther will be on hand to deliver custom live reports in six languages for any broadcaster not sending its own team to the U.K. for the election.

Multi-camera location

For multi-camera requirements, our location across the River Thames near Lambeth Bridge offers an instantly recognisable backdrop of Big Ben and Westminster.

London studio

Our single- and multi-camera studios located at the London headquarters of The Associated Press benefit from customizable sets and backdrops, plus direct connectivity to AP’s master control room.

Quotation Mark

“AP 360 has permanent, fixed connectivity in Downing Street, outside the Houses of Parliament and across the River Thames in Lambeth with its backdrop of Big Ben. This means broadcasters who work with us can rest easy when it comes to transmission – and they know they’ll have a terrific view of locations that are essential when covering what can be a fast-moving political story.”

Kiri Lumsden, head of special events in Europe.

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