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From capturing the immediacy of live events to crafting compelling narratives in post-production, our technology and expertise ensure that your content stands out. Whether you’re aiming for real-time engagement or timeless storytelling, our facilities are equipped to bring your vision to life with unparalleled precision and creativity.

Innovative solutions for live and recorded content

In the dynamic world of media production, live and recorded content require a bespoke touch. Our broadcast studios and facilities are at the forefront, offering a suite of advanced options tailored to both live broadcasts and high-quality recorded content. Through onsite satellite, fibre, IP servers and uncontended internet, our facilities enjoy worldwide connectivity.

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In our broadcast studios and facilities, we combine innovation with execution to elevate your content’s quality and reach. Equipped with the latest in broadcasting technology and designed for versatility, our studios and live locations offer an optimum setting for creative exploration and professional production.

Every aspect of our facilities is fine-tuned to support the ambitious projects of broadcasters and brands, ensuring every story is told with clarity, depth and distinction.

Elevating media production with advanced equipment and studios

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We offer wide-ranging newsgathering services that help our partner organizations inform the world.

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