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Crafting bespoke experiences in event management and broadcasting is more than the latest production technology.

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Benefit from an established, experienced media company with firm roots in the world of news and journalism. As an all-in-one provider, managing events and creating content comes with ease. From media planning and optimization to video production and broadcasting to cross-border global media distribution, not a single step is missed.




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Behind every story we broadcast and every event we bring to life, there’s a team of visionaries, creators and strategists. Meet the diverse group of professionals at AP 360, each bringing their unique expertise and passion for storytelling and distribution to the forefront of global media. Get to know the people who make AP 360 a leader in journalistic excellence and innovative media solutions.

Neil Hudd

Business Development Manager

Khaldoun Alrawi

Production Manager

Nico Maounis

Head of Special Events, Americas

Michael Knief

Senior Producer, Assignments

Flavia Colombo-Abdullah

Operations Manager, Americas

Andrei Klassin

Broadcast Engineer

Pablo Delbracio

IP Streaming and Broadcast Engineer

Gasim Hassan

Operations Manager

Aliaksei Pakrovski 


Carys Patterson

Content Services Production Coordinator

Reem Alani

Technical Operations Coordinator

Haitham Hamad

Production Manager

Ciaran Mcquillan

Head of Special Events, Asia

Nawal Rakik

Satellite Coordinator

Andrzej Zawadzki

Financial Controller

Carlos Vargas

Producer, Latin America Operations

Eric Andree

Producer, North America Operations

Saf Abdeslem

Senior Output Editor

Khaled Abu Hatab

Camera Operator, Editor

Andy Braddel

Vice President and Managing Director

Jaime Castro


Chris Kettlewell


Dave Pentlow

Project and Resource Manager

Rania Khadr

Head of Special Events, Middle East & Africa

Kirsty Le

Production Manager, Global Events

Kevin Spinelli

Producer, Broadcast Operations

Philip Crowther

International Affiliate Correspondent

Chie Tsuda

Sales Manager Asia

Kelly Conaty

Senior Account Account Executive NYC

Maria Grigorian

Account Executive LA

Ali Tarfa


John Robinson

Head of Production

Ahmed Osman

Production Executive

Xiao Wei Gong

Broadcast Services Coordinator

Sergei Potlov


Susan Henderson

Head of Broadcast Services, Americas

Toby Goode

Business Development Manager EMEA

Joe Dilema

Technical Coordinator

Ahmed Jarghoun

Video Editor

Rebecca Ip

Special Events Coordinator

Mahmoud Ibrahim 

Camera Operator, Editor

Nicolas Chene

Video Journalist, Paris

Ayman Tamoush


Dooa Matter

Senior Output Editor

Lucas Mailander


Zoran Jankovic

Facilities Manager Paris

Orange Songzhu Chen

Facilities Supervisor

Vicky Cleaver

Executive Producer, Programmes

Rawhi Razem

Camera Operator

Pun W. Etcheverry

Acting Senior Events Producer Europe

Samia Zuberi 

Resource and Production Desk Supervisor

Kiri Lumsden

Head of Special Events, Europe

Rami Abdo

Assistant Camera Operator

Amina Chaich

Production Manager

Sabah Hassan

Office Manager

Julian Jones

Head of Resources and Production Desk

Anthony Brito

Senior Director Content Services

Maria Artemas

Account Executive

Carol Quartin

Account Executive

Jeanie Clarke

Account Manager

Charlie Dixson

Manager, Ad Sales

For three decades, we’ve established and maintained global production contacts and a strong network of partner facilities to deliver robust production services worldwide. We also have local fixers across the globe. No challenge is too small or too big for us. No location is too remote. 

From a rapid response to breaking news to a multi-camera weekly studio show, AP 360 is your partner.

An expansive network

Bespoke requests = bespoke handling

Whether you are an events manager, a news editor, a communications manager or a press officer — technical challenges, studio availability, large scale events, resource issues, logistical obstacles, the creation of high-quality content and distribution efforts all play a part in your struggle.

Here’s what happens when you reach out to us for a free discovery call.

1.  One of our project managers in your region will respond to your query within 24 hours.

2. In your discovery call, we’ll outline what we can deliver for you from an end-to-end, 360° point of view. No stone is unturned. We will also advise you on operational management, key resources and technology available across our global network.

3. Following the call, we’ll gather the pool of resources and expertise that best meets the needs of your sector and unique needs. Bespoke requests are handled with great care and require proper attention; however, a no-obligation quote will be sent over within one to seven days.

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