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Tell your story better with our multilingual, experienced and internationally renowned correspondents.

The ability to capture and convey the essence of unfolding stories is paramount. Whether the story is underway, breaking news or a planned event, broadcasters are always on the lookout for qualified and experienced live reporters in news due to the importance of timeliness, quality, tone, positioning, branding, multilingual abilities and audience resonance.

The Associated Press (AP) has correspondents all around the world and has the local expertise to be able to report in depth and with full command of the facts on any news developments. Having access to correspondents whenever they are needed is an additional perk for broadcasters or news organizations that might not have the personnel or expertise on hand.

Phillip Crowther — a multilingual maestro in live on-air reporting

Among the vanguards of this dynamic field stands Philip Crowther, our global on-air news correspondent renowned for his multilingual proficiency and acute journalistic acumen. His career with AP 360 exemplifies the pinnacle of broadcasting, live events coverage and seamless content distribution that resonates across continents.

Crowther joined the AP 360 in 2018 as the organisation’s International Affiliate Correspondent and has since covered a diverse range of major events around the world. He has reported from the G20 summit in Japan, from the G7 summit in the United Kingdom and the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In the Americas, he has covered the coup attempt in Venezuela, the wildfires in Brazil and the Hurricane Dorian aftermath in The Bahamas. He has been a key part of raising broadcaster standards across the board.

Live news reporter standing in front of floodlit buildings in doha looking towards a video camera and camera operator wearing a grey shirt

Multilingual reporting: bridging cultures and communities

Crowther has an exceptional ability to report in six languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Luxembourgish), but his unique talent goes beyond mere translation. It serves as a bridge between various cultures, providing understanding and insights in a world where language barriers frequently exist. It’s as much about tone, cultural nuance and reporting in a way that is informative and interesting.

For example, Crowther recognises that reports in English are much more casual than live-reporting in German and Spanish, which are seen as more formal. His attention to detail and preparatory work include reading written reports in the required language before going live on-air. This underpins his dedication (and the work of many other AP journalists who conduct live TV news reports) to capturing the right vocabulary and essence of the story, being able to communicate it in a way that will resonate deeply with the intended audiences. AP 360 is dedicated to inclusive and comprehensive journalism.

“At Euronews, we collaborate with Philip Crowther on numerous events internationally. Philip has provided in-depth analysis during live broadcasts for our news programs from diverse locations, such as Ukraine, Brazil, Japan, the United States and beyond. The consistent production quality of AP 360, coupled with the editorial excellence delivered by Philip, has enriched our coverage. Philip’s proficiency in multiple languages enables him to deliver on-camera updates for five of our language services: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, ensuring a truly global reach for our audience.

Marta Gil,
Head of Newsdesk and Deputy Editor-in-chief of News, Euronews.

A personalized service for local, national, international and specialized TV channels

Beyond the highly-valuable language service, broadcasters are often seeking correspondents that can align with their mission, as well as professionals that can represent their brand in the best light possible.

Broadcasters can promote live reporters like Crowther and other on-air journalists as if they were their own personnel with a custom, branded mic flag through the AP 360 service. Otherwise, they can also leverage the AP brand as a reputable association as their news bulletins are being reported.

Many of AP 360’s partners have a longstanding relationship with the AP and our reporters and are based on the trustworthiness, reliability, and integrity of what we’re able to provide. From Luxembourg’s main national TV channel, RTL Luxembourg, to large international TV networks such as Euronews, we’re able to cater to any need.

“Since 2017, RTL Luxembourg has had a presence at all major international news events around the globe thanks to AP 360. Philip Crowther’s on-location live reporting has allowed our audience to gain a greater understanding of world affairs — and in Luxembourgish, which is a major contribution to our news coverage. We are proud to work with AP 360 and we really appreciate their professional approach.”

Guy Weber,
News Director, RTL Luxembourg.

In addition, partners that work with us draw upon our logistical expertise and technical proficiency to ensure news bulletins and broadcast quality are second-to-none. From ensuring the right skill sets, editorial abilities and access to key locations, to having reliable technology and a robust transmission signal, we facilitate hassle-free, high-quality broadcast production.

As an added value, AP 360 is also able to provide an element of advisory and consultancy services within an internal training programme. Live news reporting in TV bulletins is attractive to AP print journalists as it gives them another medium through which to reach a global audience in addition to the written journalism they regularly produce.

We’re able to refine the way our own correspondents conduct on-air reporting with the finesse and fine-tuning that are required. Training includes guidance on ideal presentation, how to communicate with broadcasters ahead of the live report, how to introduce eyewitness reports, tonality, vocabulary, timeliness and further best practice techniques.

Our ongoing projects have found that AP text and video journalists have been able to provide a reliable, high-quality service when reporting in TV news bulletins and we are constantly expanding our pool of available reporters.

As a result of the AP’s tremendous provisions for on-the-ground coverage from every angle and with the proper resources, your brand can now cover major global stories in your local language quickly and at a lower cost than deploying your own reporting team.

Due to economic pressures, many broadcasters have had to cut their global newsgathering budgets and reduce their international footprint of personnel. But this is where AP 360 comes in. We’re able to provide a network of expert reporters around the globe and the necessary local resources to get them live on air into customers’ bulletins. We pride ourselves on our ability to determine which upcoming news events will resonate with our affiliates and deploy on-air correspondents accordingly. And when major news breaks, we react quickly. Our presence on the ground at the right place and time, coupled with the front-row access that being part of the AP affords us at landmark events, means we provide broadcasters with a first-class service.”

Toby Goode,
Business Development Manager, EMEA.

Delivering live broadcast journalism and real-time news the right way

In today’s interconnected world, the demand for immediate, accurate and impactful news has never been higher. Philip Crowther brings an unparalleled depth to international news coverage. His expertise aligns with the AP’s commitment to delivering high-quality, independent, fact-based journalism and live reporting from the world’s hotspots.

Live reporting, especially in crisis situations or during significant global events, demands not just factual accuracy, but also a deep sensitivity and reverence for the unfolding human experience. Crowther and all of the AP’s on-air reporters excel at capturing these moments with integrity, experience and commitment to remaining neutral and unbiased in their reporting.

“I have full confidence that whatever I am reading or seeing on the AP print wire is 100% factual and doesn’t include any opinion. I’ve got a very safe foundation to work with because of the extensive on-the-ground coverage the AP already has already produced by the time I arrive on location and start my own reporting. The AP already has many teams mobilized, from video journalists to photographers, news teams, production teams and highly experienced tech teams, so that most of the work is already done when I arrive on the scene, and I’m there to communicate it in the best way possible.”

Philip Crowther,
International Affiliate Correspondent.
Live news reporter wearing helmet and flak jacket looking towards a video camera in front of rooftops of houses in ukraine

He continues to highlight the importance of how news reporting is delivered in the right way:

“With experience I know that, ideally, your live on-air correspondent isn’t just reeling off facts and figures – you want a lot of on-the-ground expertise, your own experience of the event and potentially eyewitness testimony, all while maintaining neutrality; they’re all interspersed with each other. The AP is so well versed in providing news coverage on all different types of events that the broadcast partners we work with trust us to deliver and bring stories to life as they happen.”

Philip Crowther,
International Affiliate Correspondent.

No event too small or too large – reporting news far and wide

From Russia’s War on Ukraine to the Tokyo Olympics, Crowther’s experience spans far and wide, with his coverage of the former gaining him mainstream attention and over 70,000 X followers.

With his live broadcasts, he reaches every single continent and a very sizable share of the world’s population. Some of Crowther’s reporting can be found on his social media feeds, with recent examples of his six languages in action on his Instagram, X and Facebook feeds.

On May 25, 2021, Crowther was reporting live at the site in Minneapolis where, one year earlier, George Floyd was murdered. Mid-report, gunfire broke out. Crowther and his camera operator were unharmed, and they continued delivering the live report. Their actions, and Crowther’s calm and professional on-air delivery, earned global media attention.

In addition to Crowther’s experience and accolades as a key resource, AP 360 can provide a range of other highly-skilled on-air reporters throughout the world, catering to broadcasters’ custom needs for their news bulletins. The AP’s vast footprint of journalists, coupled with AP 360’s global connectivity, makes it possible for our teams to deploy live on-air reporters quickly and effectively.

From the devastating explosion at Beirut’s port in 2020, to the death of Brazilian soccer legend Pelé in 2022, AP 360 has provided on-air reporting solutions that have helped broadcasters cover breaking news speedily. AP journalists come equipped with deep, factual knowledge of stories on their reporting patch, which adds an additional level of reassurance for affiliates who use our service.

Extra gravitas

In addition to Crowther’s experience and accolades as a key resource, the AP is able to provide highly-skilled reporters, broadcasting in multiple languages, from Arabic to Mandarin. Our global connectivity makes it possible for our teams to deploy live on-air reporters quickly and efficiently.

Having a live-reporter on the ground provides extra gravitas to the broadcaster’s written journalism, it shows they are concentrating on the story with a physical presence, with the right reporters at the right time and in the right location.

“Live on-air reporting relies on the same skills that AP text, video and photo journalists employ every day: that is, to take all the factual information that we have, compress it down to its clearest, most digestible form and then present it to a global audience. When on assignment with AP 360, I engage in direct dialogue with bulletin editors, discussing the right approach to take with a story, collaborating on the line of questioning and then delivering the report live on air. It’s exhilarating to work alongside my AP 360 colleagues and their broadcast affiliates on some of the biggest global news stories.”

Jon Gambrell,
AP News Director for the Persian Gulf and Iran.

No matter the occasion — a gathering of world leaders, a major cultural event or a big sporting tournament — your team can depend on top-notch, on-location facilities, high-quality audio and video broadcasts.

The news coverage with the AP is consistently high-quality, with reliable transmission and distribution capabilities, regardless of the event — even in the midst of a devastating war zone.

Reporters and broadcasters alike will be well represented and the locations are second-to-none:

The AP’s international credibility affords both me, as a reporter, and the broadcaster who uses our service, front row access to the biggest international events. If it’s a British royal event, for example, I get to stand right outside Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey. Or if a new U.S. president is being sworn in, I’ll be right there at AP 360’s on-location reporting position outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. This privilege is only possible with the AP because of its connections, memberships and access.”

Philip Crowther,
International Affiliate Correspondent.

Through dedication to quality, innovation, and the seamless delivery of content, we ensure that stories not only reach a global audience but do so with integrity and impact.

With Crowther and many other AP reporters as a critical resource of the AP,  our service stands as a beacon of excellence in live news reporting, demonstrating the power of informed, dynamic journalism in connecting communities and shaping public discourse.

Find out more about our on-air reporting service and let us help you bring live news to the forefront of your media reporting, transforming the way your stories are told.

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