AP 360’s live reporting solutions for the 2024 U.K. general election

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British prime minister rishi sunak wearing a suit and tie standing at a wooden lectern in front of the door to number 10 downing street announcing the 2024 uk general election

~6 min read

Reliable transmission and access to key locations are paramount for broadcasters planning to cover the July 4 poll, says AP 360’s Kiri Lumsden.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has gambled on an earlier-than-expected July 4 election, hastening preparations for a poll that many had expected to take place towards the end of 2024. Opinion polls indicate that the United Kingdom is set for a major political shake-up, with some observers suggesting an existential threat to Sunak’s ruling Conservatives.

With the stakes so high, the country’s first national election in five years is proving an essential event for news outlets to cover, demanding expert broadcast solutions in London which AP 360 provides.

A rapid response to breaking news

The election announcement by Sunak outside No. 10 Downing Street on May 22 took commentators and legislators alike by surprise. It kicked off a six-week campaign period during which voters will decide whether to end the Conservatives’ 14 years in power.

“Although we didn’t know when the election would be called, AP 360 had been on standby for months and was ready when the time came. We deployed a team immediately to Downing Street to assist international news organisations with their live reporting following Sunak’s announcement.”

Kiri Lumsden,
Head of Special Events in Europe.

With the campaign under way, the AP 360 team began preparing for polling day itself, activating well-rehearsed plans to operate three distinct live reporting locations in landmark sites across central London. The operation encompasses the eve of the election, polling day on July 4 and its aftermath.

Three male journalists wearing suits and ties standing in downing street in front of a row of camera operators with video equipment and lights reporting live on uk politics

Broadcast solutions in key locations

Live broadcasting from Westminster during a busy news event such as a general election can be problematic for news outlets, due to limited space in prime locations and the overloading of 4G/5G cellular networks.

AP 360’s advantage is its permanent transmission infrastructure in key reporting locations across central London, benefitting from direct connectivity to the Master Control Room at the U.K. headquarters of The Associated Press. AP 360 is also guaranteed access to front-row positions thanks to long-established relationships with the relevant authorities.

“AP 360 has permanent, fixed connectivity in Downing Street, outside Parliament and across the River Thames in Lambeth which offers an instantly recognisable backdrop of Big Ben. This means broadcasters who work with AP 360 can rest easy when it comes to transmission – and they know they’ll have a terrific view of locations that are essential when covering what can be a fast-moving political story.”

Kiri Lumsden,
Head of Special Events in Europe.

In addition to its fixed reporting positions, AP 360 will offer broadcast facilities outside a London polling station, plus single- and multi-camera studios. AP International Affiliate Correspondent Philip Crowther will be available to deliver custom live reports in six languages for any broadcaster not sending its own team to the U.K. for the election.

Comprehensive advance planning

While politicians continue what is proving to be a gruelling and divisive campaign, the AP 360 team has its sights firmly set on the July climax.

The key moment in terms of broadcast coverage is anticipated to be on July 5, when the leader of the winning party arrives in Downing Street to make a televised speech to the nation. AP 360 has undertaken detailed logistical and technical planning to ensure the high demand on resources from broadcasters can be accommodated when it matters most.

In addition to fully equipped and crewed live reporting positions, AP 360 is introducing ‘Crossover’ solutions to its Downing Street operation for the first time. These permit crews to use their own transmission devices and camera operators whilst benefitting from AP 360’s real estate and camera equipment already in situ.

“This is a notoriously challenging event for international broadcasters to cover in the narrow, overcrowded street. With TV channels vying to snag the best shot of the famous door to No. 10, AP 360’s dependable solutions deliver. We encourage news outlets to contact us as early as possible to discuss their needs.”

Kiri Lumsden,
Head of Special Events in Europe.

With decades of experience in live event production, AP 360 sets the standard for broadcast operations in London.

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