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With the digital landscape’s continuous evolution, the demand for professionally produced, broadcast-quality content has skyrocketed. This shift has catalyzed a surge in demand for professional studio facilities capable of producing content that meets these elevated expectations. AP 360’s content studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of London, is at the forefront of meeting this demand. 

Equipped with the latest in production technology and backed by deep journalistic expertise, our studio provides a comprehensive range of services tailored for content creators, webcasters and podcasters aiming to make a significant impact. From flexible studio configurations to global streaming capabilities, our London facility is designed to bring your creative visions to life with unparalleled quality and reach.

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Innovative production in the heart of London

The AP 360’s content studio in London, with its worldwide connectivity and wide-ranging production capabilities, is uniquely positioned to meet this demand, suitable for content creators, broadcasters, streamers, webcasts and vlog casts. 

From simple podcasts to fully developed broadcast TV series — content creators have it all at our flexible facility, which is equipped with an impressive array of transmission solutions, including SRT video streaming, which ensures reliable and high quality distribution capabilities. Our multi-camera studio not only provides a vibrant backdrop for any production but also inspires creativity and excellence, with the means to create deeper connections with your target audience.

Flexible solutions for every production need 

Flexibility lies at the core of our London studio operations, set in an iconic Grade II listed warehouse in one of London’s most vibrant locations. Whether you’re planning a live broadcast or a pre-recorded show, our studio adapts to meet your specific requirements. With customizable sets and technical solutions, we ensure that your production aligns perfectly with your creative vision.

Underpinned with deep journalistic expertise, AP 360’s studio in London stands as a beacon of creativity, offering an extensive range of dynamic expertise and technical capabilities within its versatile space.

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Designed to accommodate projects of all sizes, from intimate podcasts to full broadcast live events, our studio is the perfect setting for creators, whether they are seeking the support to make dynamic visual storytelling or the facilities to showcase and distribute their own content. Other types of work we can deliver include: 

  • Facilitating fireside chats for corporations looking to stream internationally, e.g., shareholder and merger and acquisition announcements or annual chats with CEOs or or C-suite executives on any prominent topic.  
  • Townhalls, international addresses or reactive breaking news.
  • In-studio and remote podcast or vlog cast production for organizations of any size.
  • White label TV programmes.

Behind the scenes: the studio floor unveiled

Our content studio offers a flexible modular system that can be configured to accommodate various set-ups, including a news desk with gallery backdrop, loft-style set utilizing original warehouse brickwork and full green screen cyclorama and chroma key flooring.

Our full production gallery offers flexible solutions for recorded programmes, broadcast, live streaming or simple straight-to-camera interviews. The studio can be configured to suit any size production, from a full turnkey solution to plug and play integration of specialist equipment. With multi-camera chains, DMX-controlled lighting and the latest in broadcast technology, the studio is equipped and engineered to facilitate top-tier media production.

From an aesthetic perspective, there are numerous on-site sets and props to choose from, including our in-house light boxes which can be matched to any pantone colour and easily branded to suit every client’s livery. So, whether you want a classic newsroom look or a simple podcast desk and mic, the AP content studio has all your needs covered.

Versatile and creative studio solutions for dynamic storytelling

In telling the right story from the AP studio production programme centre, clients who know exactly what they require can benefit from either plug and play integration or a full turnkey solution.

Rows of ceiling lights above chair and table in front of red light panels and video monitor showing image of woman in london content studio

For other clients, we can help in more creative ways. For example:

Deutsche Welle (DW), a German, state-owned, international broadcaster, wanted to take their travelling weekly current affairs show ‘Conflict Zone’ off “the road” and into a multi-camera studio. AP 360 was able to help put together a simple but effective set that could be easily replicated anywhere in the world, should the need to travel arise again.

By using AP 360’s London content studio, DW was also able to access guests in challenging locations by tapping into our network of contacts and worldwide studios in notoriously difficult-to-reach countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Russia. And, with our multitude of delivery options, we could bring the interviewee/signal directly back to the London studio floor.

As a current affairs programme, it was also essential to pre-record the show as close to the transmission deadline as possible. AP 360 was in the unique position of being able to utilize its very fast, uncontested broadband as well as the back-up solution of on-site uplink facilities and wholly owned satellite space, guaranteeing delivery of the show to deadline every time.

With deep roots in journalism and news production, our studio is also equipped to react swiftly to events that happen that day or week and build content into programmes for current affairs.

“The AP 360 studio is fabulous. A haven of professionalism. It’s always a pleasure to work with the AP 360 team.”

Tim Sebastian,
Host of Deutsche Welle’s ‘Conflict Zone’.

Crafting engaging narratives with chroma key filming

Even more impressively, using chroma key filming and green screen technology, we can engineer it such that it appears as though two individuals, despite being in different physical locations, are in the same room. Companies operating on a worldwide scale can benefit from this feature when they need to broadcast important announcements to their stakeholders either internally or externally. Any backdrop, image or visual is possible for broadcasters and content creators—the sky is the limit.

With this technology, we were able to pull off a remarkable fireside chat between Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Masatsugu Asakawa in Manila and prominent international broadcast journalist Zeinab Badawi in London. As a prelude to the 56th Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors, they spoke about ADB’s economic outlook for Asia and the Pacific and the challenges ahead for the region. The following video demonstrates behind-the-scenes and the final result.

Audience-engaging, tailor made shows 

Our teams proactively propose and pitch white label TV shows to major players and we certainly make the most of the content creation expertise available to us.

We have developed and produced a weekly economics series in Arabic for a Middle Eastern client, creating content, graphics and an original music score, all enhanced with AP Archive footage. With our wide network of contacts, we were able to source regular Arabic-speaking expert contributors from around the world, including in Beijing, New York, Moscow and Paris. And the AP’s reputation as a serious and respected content provider enabled us to attract charismatic presenters to front the show.

But not all productions have to be all-singing-and-dancing. For a client with a much smaller budget, we helped create and produce a quirky, stripped-back crypto show comprising just two presenters and simple on-screen graphics. Originally commissioned as a weekly programme, its success saw the series increase to three episodes a week.

We can produce shows from the simplest format to the most complicated, multi-location, multi-lingual live broadcast with programmes to suit all budgets.

Global broadcasting made easy

Our studio’s connectivity solutions are second to none, featuring satellite, fiber, uncontended broadband and cellular-bonded technology that ensure your content reaches audiences anywhere in the world. This global reach is a testament to our commitment to making your story heard, far and wide.

In terms of sending and receiving signals, there are multiple options. For example, one client might record in-studio and we’ll send all files and signals via FTP. Others use satellite signals. We also have access to LiveU servers and SRT encoders and decoders, which provide direct connectivity from the studio to the AP’s onsite Master Control Room and vice versa, where we can bring in or distribute signals.

“Working from one of London’s rare 19th Century buildings, but surrounded by 21st Century technology connected to almost anywhere in the world, is a pretty unique and privileged position to be in.”

Vicky Cleaver,
Executive Producer, Programmes.

Enhancing production and efficiency with comprehensive onsite amenities

The studio facility within the AP building in London is fully self-contained and features a production office overlooking the studio floor, make-up room with direct access to the set, a dual translation suite and a Zoom/lines producer room with communications.

Beyond the facility, we can provide on-site amenities to support every phase of the production process. With access to edit suites, boardrooms, production space and a lounge, the studio provides an environment that nurtures creativity and efficiency from start to finish.

From politicians to pop stars, footballers to CEOs, our round-the-clock, 24/7-staffed reception and on-site parking offer the privacy and security sought by VIP guests. Accessing many places in London can be challenging; nevertheless, AP 360’s studio allows producers to concentrate on their production and leave the practicalities to us.

Why choose AP 360’s London content studio

At AP 360, our legacy in the media industry speaks volumes. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we continue to set the standard for media production. Choose AP’s London studio and let us transform your next project and share your story to the world.

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