Harnessing SRT video streaming for global media events

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Eight broadcast cables inserted into haivision srt video streaming decoder

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In the dynamic world of live event broadcasting, the quest for a perfect blend of reliability, quality and innovation is ongoing. As a global media solutions provider, AP 360 has been at the forefront of this quest, leveraging Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) video streaming since 2020.

Our adoption of SRT video streaming is not just a technical choice; it’s a natural fit and commitment to excellence in broadcasting, particularly in covering world-scale live events where there’s no room for error. Its technology has revolutionized our approach, ensuring high-quality, reliable delivery during some of the most critical global events.

Video monitor showing images of live news reporters in front of horse drawn gold coach at westminster abbey during srt video streaming at coronation of king charles iii

The benefits of using the SRT protocol: a more reliable choice

SRT video streaming has become a linchpin in modern broadcasting, especially for live events. At AP 360, we recognized early on the transformative potential of SRT video. It’s more than just a streaming protocol; it’s a guarantee of high-quality, low-latency video delivery over unpredictable networks. This resilience against network fluctuations is crucial in live broadcasting where every second counts.

Its open-source nature and reliance on cloud computing permit us to interact with any equipment that supports it, allowing us to receive and deliver to a wide range of clients that use different equipment. Even if your network is unreliable, SRT can recover from severe packet loss and jitter, so video streams will remain intact and of high quality.

Open collaboration and sustainability

The open source nature of SRT promotes its broad use and speeds up innovation by allowing for continuous collaborative development.

Instead of opting for a private network infrastructure (effective, but costly to orchestrate) or being at risk of an unreliable public network, SRT removes these variables. It is simple to deploy, reduces the need for an expensive network infrastructure and is more sustainable:

Reduced equipment requirement: The lean broadcasting setup cuts down on the amount of equipment to transport, assemble and power, thereby lowering the carbon footprint.

Minimized logistical support: With less physical equipment, the environmental impact of logistical operations like transportation and setup is significantly reduced.

Compatibility with cloud-based workflows: SRT works seamlessly with cloud technologies, supporting remote production capabilities.

Fewer on-site personnel needed: The ability to manage broadcasts remotely means fewer staff are required to travel to the event location, reducing travel-related carbon emissions.

Environmental consciousness: By enabling more sustainable broadcast operations, SRT aligns with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and enhance environmental sustainability in media production.

The royal milestone: queen’s funeral and the king’s coronation

Covering the 2022 funeral of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and the subsequent coronation of King Charles III was a testament to our strategic use of SRT video streaming. These events, marked by years of planning and rapid operational deployment, required a robust and flexible broadcast solution. Using a mix of traditional broadcasting and cutting-edge IP resources, including SRT, we successfully managed a complex operation.

The seamless integration of satellite, fiber, SRT and cloud resources, coordinated through a comprehensive Master Control Room (MCR), ensured uninterrupted coverage. Servicing numerous clients across various locations for extended hours, the use of SRT Video was pivotal in our ability to provide world-class coverage of a globally significant event.

The political arena: U.S. Elections 2020

The 2020 U.S. Elections marked our inaugural real-world deployment of SRT video streaming. Servicing our primary location at the White House on election night and subsequently the inauguration, this event was our first step in adopting and refining our SRT-infused infrastructure.

The election coverage was a groundbreaking moment for AP 360, demonstrating our capability to handle large-scale, high-stakes broadcasting using SRT video. It laid the foundation for us to scale up and support even more significant events.

Global sports spectacle: Qatar World Cup

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 represented one of our most ambitious projects, showcasing our long-term planning and technological competence. Here, we predominantly used IP and cloud-based technology for transmission, serviced by SRT video.

Our set-up included 20 single- and multi-camera studios across three locations, all interconnected and linked to our cloud-based resources and global MCRs. The integration of Haivision SRT equipment with our IT infrastructure underscored our commitment to flexibility and reliability.

Our World Cup operation was a resounding success, proving the efficacy in our use of advanced SRT video streaming in managing a high-profile, globally viewed sports event.

Two men looking at racks of broadcast equipment during srt video streaming at world cup in qatar

Our SRT video strategy: a thoughtful and robust implementation

At AP 360, our use of SRT video streaming is both thoughtful and robust, stemming from our deep understanding of its capabilities and potential. Since 2020, our journey with SRT video has been about more than just adopting new technology; it’s been about innovating and evolving our broadcasting strategies to meet and exceed global standards.

In using SRT technologies, this ensures that each implementation is tailored to the specific needs of each event, whether it’s a royal ceremony, a political milestone or a global sports extravaganza. We’ve successfully been using SRT for events from China to the Middle East and we engage what’s best matched for our clients, even in the most remote or hard-to-access locations.

By using such technologies, it helps facilitate borderless coverage with front row access but requires specialist skill-sets, in-house knowledge, key connections and collaborations to ensure it works in the right way.

Each event we’ve covered has allowed us to leverage the power of SRT. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in live event broadcasting, our focus remains on delivering unmatched reliability and quality to our clients worldwide. In the realm of global media solutions, AP 360 is setting new standards and redefining excellence.

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